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The Truth About Wrinkles: The Biggest Anti-Ageing Myth Busted

What’s the most effective anti-ageing treatment? - It's a commonly googled question that can lead

down the internet rabbit hole. If you’ve ever been on a quest to discover the newest strategies for

dewy, firm and glowing skin, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Trying to locate the right cosmetic

product can feel like you’re being pulled in different directions.

Cut back on the guesswork and follow scientifically-backed advice for understanding how to

approach anti-ageing treatment.

Double-blind placebo-control clinical studies have found that a brand is not a determining factor for

effective treatment results. These studies found a weak correlation between specific anti-wrinkle

brands and positive treatment results. Clinical studies have had no statistically significant results, to

suggest otherwise. Brand of medication should not affect or alter the results.

Therefore, a neurotoxin brand does not always play a major role in the result of treatment, one

might just be a better fit because of patient’s preference. It is a combination of product placement,

understanding of muscle function and a practitioner’s deep understanding of a patient’s needs that

significantly affects the treatment outcome.

However, there are some pharmacological differences in brands. Our practitioners are always happy

to have an in-depth discussion explaining the product and differences among medication,

investigating your skincare needs thoroughly on an individual basis. Only time we say no the ‘UK

brand’ is if you have an anaphylactic reaction to lactose. ‘German brand’ is also more suitable if you

chose a vegan lifestyle. Finding your fit is the most important, at our clinic, Nurse Pam will explain

why we think a particular brand is more suited to you.

The process of treatment is multifactorial. You cannot rely on a brand itself to promise great results,

and a marketing spiel on a glossy plastic bottle shouldn’t be the determining factor for what anti-

ageing treatment works best for you.

* Please note, for legal reasons TGA Australia (Therapeutic Goods Administration) does not permit

any advertising or mentioning of specific brand names within companies who provide this service.

Therefore for the purpose of the article, approved products are referred to as ‘American brands’,

‘UK Brands’ and ‘German brands.’

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