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The Secret To Better Skin: Ice for Cold Compress

Ice is a year-round skincare hero and is the secret to a fabulous recovery after a beautifying

treatment. A weapon for many top facialists and cosmetic surgeons, the chill provides a brief, slows

the blood flow to the area, soothing reprieve from any pain and discomfort or muscle aches post-

cosmetic treatment. Giving your face a reason to chill is critical when it comes to healing fabulously,

complete with great results. A cold compress will become your best friend numbing painful areas,

alleviating bruising and slowing down blood blow to reduce inflammation.

Every now and then life hands you a scenario that gets you thinking “I need an ice pack!” You’ve

probably heard that homemade is best. Here are three cheap and effective options that won’t have

you running out to the store. These household items offer the same level of pain relief to your skin

than any other rigid ice pack. Providing top results for healing are frozen peas, ice and gloves.

Remember, we don’t recommend using a cold compress after anti-wrinkle treatment as it makes the

treatment work slower. Also, don’t apply cold compress directly on skin, use a cloth to cover it to

avoid frostbite.

3 Options For A Cool Compress

1. Peas, Please: A frozen pea or vegetable pack is mouldable, and therefore able to reach and

treat those intricate crevices of your face. You can mould it to any part of your face in

question and it holds the cold well.

2. Ice Ice Baby: You’ll need a face washer and a handful of ice blocks. Prepare the compress by

filling the face cloth with ice, wrapping it up gently. As the face contains many bones and has

different angles, this mouldable compress will work with your visage to get it back to a

better state.

3. Lend A Hand: You know those latex gloves you can spot at the doctor’s office? Fill it up with

one part rubbing alcohol to three parts water so it doesn’t freeze solid. It becomes a vehicle

containing super cool liquid, moulding onto your facial features to rectify those sore spots.


When should I start using a cold compress?

For the most effective results, apply your cool compress on the day of treatment. Repeat recurrent

application for up to 2 days post-treatment to keep swelling and bruising at bay.

How long do I use a cold compress?

No more than 5-10 minutes at a time.

How often should I use a cold compress?

Apply every 2 hours. You can set up a timer on your phone that’s set to ring every two hours as a


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