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Bruising & tips that help!

Will I bruise after treatment? It's a question on everybody's minds after receiving cosmetic


We're here to bring you good news. There’s less than 10% chance of bruising after treatment. And

even if you’re in the low percentile of patients who experience bruising, it can be easily masked with

makeup, it is only temporary and will subside, and with a few tricks it is easily overcome.

However, if you have to attend an important social event within two weeks post-treatment, we

advise against receiving a tear trough filler.

It’s important to note that bruising after cosmetic injections is not a medical side-effect or

considered an adverse event. If it does occur, the effects can cause mild social anxiety for patients,

especially if important social events are coming up in their calendars. Hematoma (large blood clots)

after cosmetic treatment is an extremely rare occurrence.

Here are 5 tips to banish bruising after an injectable procedure:

  • Avoid alcohol for 1 day before treatment. Don’t ingest vitamins (esp fish oil) and blood-thinning medication for 1 week before treatment. These medicines include: Ibuprofen, Voltaren and Aspirin.

  • Use oral Arnica a few hours before treatment and/or Arnica cream post-treatment. The floweringherb calm’s the swelling and aids the blood flow, do this 4 days prior to treatment and 4-5 days aftertreatment if you feel you need to.

  • A cool compress should be applied after receiving dermal fillers only. Refer to our cool compress article for more information.

  • Avoid cool compress post-anti-wrinkle treatment. For more detailed information ask one of our medical practitioners, also, visit cool compress for further tips.

  • Avoid vigorous exercise such as hiking uphill, heavy backpack, running, swimming laps, aerobic dancing, tennis, cycling (10miles/hr or faster), jumping rope to name a few. Anything that gets you sweating take a break from for 8hrs. As the effect of the Botox can be reduced as muscle strain causes contraction.

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