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5 Essential Aftercare Tips For Cosmetic Treatment

Your post-treatment care plan can be simple and aids your treatment success. With over 10 years of

experience in plastic surgery, anti-wrinkle, and dermal filler treatments Nurse Pam has unlocked

some key point and a quick guide to post treatment care. Here are five essential care tips to get

patients on the road to glowing recovery.

There is insufficient data to prove a direct link between applying makeup post-treatment and

infection. However, after any treatment avoid any products on the face for 30mins such as cleanser,

sunscreen & makeup. These products are not the issue, but possible infection is unpleasant for the

patient and can be better avoided. Therefore, the absence of product use is discouraged as a


Anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers should be done last when getting treatment done in close time

proximity. Any other cosmetic treatment should be done first before injectable treatments, as

patients should wait 2 weeks before another treatment.

Aftercare for anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers should be simple and easy to follow. The plethora of

advice can be overly complicated and hard to adhere to. That’s why we provide 5 easy steps to

kickstart your aftercare regime for anti-wrinkle and dermal filler procedures.

The “2 and 8” rule.

1. Avoid massaging or application of hard pressure to the injection sites for 2 hours. For

example, no tight hats for 2 hours after treatment to forehead. (normal cleaning or

application of product is not considered high pressure).

2. Avoid excessive sweating for 8 hours, example: hot room yoga, cardio exercise, sauna and

steam rooms.

Aftercare for dermal fillers.

3. Avoid consistent pressure to treatment areas for 24 hours. For example, avoid wearing

sunglasses for longer than 10 minutes if dermal filler was used on nasal bridge. Try not to

sleep on your tummy for a few days as squishing on your face can disturb the filler.

4. Cool Compress treatment can be used to treatment areas. Please refer to topic “Cool

Compress” for more information.

5. Use a moisturising antiseptic cream if you’ve been instructed to massage the treatment area

(be cautious if you have sensitive skin).

Please contact us immediately if you have increased pain, swelling, redness, blisters or itching

following your treatment.

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